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Venezuela Sells Gold Reserves May 27, 2016

Venezuela has been crumbling before the eyes of the world, and it seems each day the situation worsens says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Another business, another food, another industry disappears as the economy continues on a roller coaster that seems to have no end. People wait in line for endless hours to get food, barely enough to get by for a day. Parents hope to find a way to feed their children, people hope to survive. The country is starving, and as the situation worsens, no one can seem to put an end to the struggle.

As the citizens line up for their rations they are surrounded by military and police in riot gear, unsure if they will have to contain a dangerous situation. A facebook netizen recently posted a series of pictures that outline the dire situation and put faces with the images that have been conjured by all the recent media, they can be viewed here.
While the country puts all its hopes in a rise of oil prices, the resource they have an abundance of and depend on to generate a steady income, they are lining store shelves with whatever they find available and doing what they can to simply stay afloat. Recently, they sold $1.7 billion of their precious gold reserves to attempt to repay debts that are mounting. Between February and March they sold roughly 40 tonnes. They are still deep in debt and it is expected that by next year inflation in the country will rise to 1,642 percent. Venezuela sits on more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, but even with the price of oil on a slow but steady climb, it won’t be enough to see any difference for years and years to come.


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George Soros Philanthropic Efforts Provides Good Karma

It is better to tell the truth from the start. Lies have a way of catching up to you. Apparently this simple life lesson was never taught to conservative activist, James O’Keefe. He when he tried to infiltrate a group led by George Soros called the Open Society Foundation.

The entire incident was all caught on a recorded message. O’Keefe, using the alias “Victor Kesh,” forgot to hang up the phone before revealing his entire plan to his cronies. This shocking and pathetic scam was easily discovered due to O’Keefe’s carelessness. His guilt was not hard to prove.

The recording identified O’Keefe using the name “Victor Kesh” to disguise his identification. He originally stated he wanted to get involved with Soros’s Open Society Foundation and help fight for European values. “Kesh” identified himself as a Hungarian-American.

“Kesh” ended his message by requesting a return phone call. Once “Kesh” thought he had hung up the phone, Soros’s recording machine continued to record “Kesh’s” conversation on the other end. He was over-heard saying, “Don’t say anything before I hang up the phone.”

O’Keefe proceeded to talk about his plan, which included recruiting other people to make approximately 100 phone calls similar to the one he just made on http://www.georgesoros.com/philanthropy/.

He also planned to use Soros LinkedIn page to use information there against them. “Kesh” then realized that if he did that his own LinkenIn page would be revealed to Soros. His knowledge of technology made him look foolish besides revealing his devious plan. Chris Stone, the president of Open Society listened to the recording. Stone was appalled by their attempt at this scam. She also stated she couldn’t help but find the humor in it.

Chris Stone, the president of Open Society listened to the recording. Stone was appalled by their attempt at this scam. She also stated she couldn’t help but find the humor in it.
Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

George Soros, founder of Open Society, is well known in over 100 countries. This unique philanthropic organization began in 1979. Since then Open Society has helped cover the cost of education for thousands of refugees and people from marginalized groups.

George Soros also was involved with an international effort to bring to light natural resource extraction companies who used under the table payoffs to tyrants who were violent and led to world political unrest. George Soros’ independence and compassion has been used for positive goals. This must have insulated his company with good karma against O’Keefe and his plan to ruin Open Society.

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The Emerging Leader In Finance, Anthony Marsala May 23, 2016

Anthony Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer for Madison Street Capital. Recently he was awarded the M&A Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award. It is an award given to recognize young leaders in finance. The winner is a choice from a collection of other nominees, a choice by a panel of judges who are business leaders.

M&A Advisor Annual Emerging Leaders Award started in 2010 under the name 40 under 40 Awards. The program recognizes young men and women in finance and also the young M&A in the United States. It is a tool used to encourage youth to add more effort in the growth of the banking industry and the community as a whole.

The award has been able to reach to other countries like Europe and the United Kingdom. It makes the assigned emerging leaders be part of the international network where excellence in performance is the key role.

Anthony Marsala is one of the founders of Madison Street Capital a position that has enabled him to acquire the work of the Chief Operating Officer to the company. He has a tremendous experience in investment banking of up to fifteen years where he has worked in leveraged finance and in in the buy and sells side in M&A Advisory. He is a certified Valuator and Analyst a certification by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He has also been awarded an honoree name by the same NACVA association which was part of the 40 under forty program in 2015.In 2016, he participated in the Crain’s Leadership Academy program.

M&A Advisors have pledged to keep on recognizing young leaders, and the firm is organizing for another awards program to be held in June 2016.

Madison Street Capital; It is an international investment banking firm located in its headquarters in the United States. As an Investment bank, it works as a financial advisor and also acts as an agent during merging and selling of firms. It also helps in the valuation of property during acquisition. This company works for the government sectors and also for the private businesses around the globe.

Madison Street Capital has also played a vital role in community service programs. One huge example is the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. This program provides assistance during disasters of which it gives out food and shelter to the affected people and many other needs

The article about Madison Street Capital and Anthony Marsala is available in Benzinga.

Learn more: https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/

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Martin Lustgarten is a Prominent Figure in the Investment Banking World May 19, 2016

When it comes to investment banking, many people might be unaware exactly what that means and what it entails. Investment banking assists individuals, governments, and corporations in raising financial capital by acting as the client’s agent. Investment banks can also help companies with mergers and acquisitions, market making, trading equity securities, or fixed income commodities. What is different about investment banks is that they do not take deposits. They also have two main parts of business, which is referred to the “sell” side and the “buy” side. The “sell” side involves trading securities for cash and the “buy” side involves advice to companies or individuals that buy investment services such as life insurance companies and mutual funds.

Martin Lustgarten is a prominent figure in the investment banking industry. He has always been interested in business as he was the type of kid who always started up his own little business selling a variety of different items. This has helped in later in his life and in his career as he knows how much work it takes to become a successful investment banker. A lot of people are not able to handle to stress and long hours as an investment banker. Martin, however, is a passionate person and strives to help those with their finances. He wants to see others become successful and learn how to manage their finances in a more efficient way.

When Martin is not hard at work, he is helping shelter animals awaiting their forever homes. Having a shelter dog himself, Martin talks to others how his shelter dog has changed his life and wants other people to adopt a shelter animal as well. He started up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for no kill shelters in his hometown of Florida. There are a lot of people who love animals that are willing to help and donate money to a good cause. Martin is at the front of the line when it comes to helping these animals. He is the type of person who will continue raising money to help these shelter animals as they mean so much to him.

Find Lustgarten on Twitter: @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and events.

Instagram: @mlustgarten


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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and even philanthropist. Mr. Pulier’s intelligence as well as mission to make the world a better place has made him one of the most influential individuals in the world. His main mission is to combine both philanthropy and technology to improve the world little by little. Mr. Pulier not only wants to educate others, but he also wants to make everything he does have meaning to those that would otherwise be rejected in the world. Eric Pulier, even at a young age, showed his intelligence and has since then created many companies and has been involved in many think tanks with the sole purpose of making the world a better place.

Eric Pulier showed his intelligence at an early age when he built and programmed his first computer in the fourth grade. By high school, Eric Pulier had created his own data base company. All of these early on accomplishments enabled him to pursue an IV league education at Harvard University. During his time at Harvard University, Eric Pulier studied both American and English Literature which would later be used to write and publish several noted works.

Though Eric Pulier earned a degree in literature, his true passion is technology. In 1991, Mr. Pulier created People Doing Things which is a company that specializes in informing the public of relevant issues such as education and health care. Eric Pulier had the overall goal of combining his talent for using technology with finding good solutions to current issues that are occurring all around the world.

One of Mr. Pulier’s most successful accomplishments was when he created an online site for chronically ill children to chat. This site was incorporated into over 70 different hospitals and gave children a chance to blog, chat, and even post content with others who were going through the exact same dilemma. Mr. Pulier’s skillful work with charities eventually earned him a seat in a think tank that was designed by Vice Preside, Al Gore. This think tank was designed to discuss and solve re world issues through the use of technology.

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John Goullet Making Big Changes in the IT Industry

Diversant is a technology company led by their entrepreneurial leader John Goullet. John Goullet began his career as computer consultant and later transitioned into the role of information technology staffing account executive. Goullet is an expert and understands marketing trends that occur in the information technology industry.

In 2010 Diversant LLC was born when Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. merged. Goullet provided the grounds for the merger by founding Info Technologies some years earlier. With the merger of both companies two executives would now in charge of leading the growing company. Mr. Gene C. Waddy would be the company’s CEO and Goullet was appointed Principal and Chairman of the board of directors.

With the founding of Diverant LLC Mr. Goullet has gone on to help provide some of the best known Foutune 500 companies IT staffing solutions. Diversant has been a top IT recruiting firm since it’s inception in 2010. The firm is dedicated to providing mid-sized and large companies access to the best information technology talent available. The company provides services for the financial services, banking, government and public services, energy, insurance, manufacturing, biotechnology, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunications, and the information technology industries.

Diversant also is in the business of finding IT job candidates jobs and careers in the information technology sector. Application developers, designers, mobile media programmers, digital creative specialists, and most anyone with information technology related experience is encouraged to apply for open positions through Diversant.

Finding a Diversant office location isn’t that difficult, the company has offices located nationwide in a variety of cities. San Francisco, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Des Moines, Iowa; Atlanta, Georgia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Charlotte, North Carolina; Media, Pennsylvania and New York, New York are cities where Diversant offices are located.

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Keith Mann spearheading the Fight of Animal Brutality

Keith Mann is an animal rights activist and a writer. Keith wrote a book in 2007 “Dusk Till Dawn” and acted as the ALF spokesman. Keith Mann man is British and at one point also tried politics. Keith was raised in Rochdale, Great Manchester, by his parents. His father worked as a caretaker. His first contact with animal rights activists was in 1982. During that first contact, the local hunt saboteurs were handing out leaflets.

His first actions on animals was to release a rabbit that the owner had kept in a hutch. This action he says made him feel proud as ALF activist.

He is known for his love and sacrifices he has made to ensure total animal liberation. He says the feeling he gets from animal liberation is pleasurable, risky and all encompassing. Keith Mann worked in a slaughter house. This was an experience that Keith was not ready for. It was a rude awakening. It took all his desires for meat and animal abuse. Keith says this experienced encouraged him to dedicate his entire life to fighting all aspects of animal brutality. He says human revolution can only be complete once we show animals unreserved compassion.

Keith Mann is also an investment banker and has specialized in hedge fund management. His career begun with Dynamic Association. While there he was the manager of the Alternative Investment Division. Keith was in charge of research and making alternative investment decisions.

While working there, Keith rose through the ranks and eventually became the Managing Director. While in Dynamic Keith co-founded his current venture Dynamic Search Partners.

Dynamic Search Partners is a firm committed to sourcing top talent for hedge fund and private equity industries. They have a successful track record that spans over a period of ten years. They have successfully paired clients with top talent across all geographical levels.

Keith Mann is the current Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic success as a result of enduring relationship with their clients. These relations have enabled the business to build an extensive network of industry professionals that offer robust services.

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Handy Provides an Extra Pair of Hands

I don’t mind cleaning, but there are some times when I feel like I don’t have enough time or energy to do everything myself. There are times when I just need an extra pair of hands. This is what Handy has given me during the spring cleaning phase.

With Handy I don’t have to worry a whole lot about what I am going to do when it comes to mopping, sweeping, dusting, washing, vacuuming, painting and hanging pictures. These are the extra hands that I need to get these types of things done. I certainly do believe that it is worth the price that is paid. So many individuals will try to clean, but they will tire quickly from trying to do too much. I, on the other hand, know the value of getting good help.

Handy has certainly become one of the main cleaning companies for people that want the job done quickly but still with a lot of professionalism. In many cases there are people that are able to do a job quickly, but they do not do it well. There are other times where you have to someone that may be able to do a great job, but they may be too slow. It is rare for me to find an organization that has workers in place that can do most things that you need done in a couple of hours or less. That is why I think that this is one of the best organizations around for cleaning.

Handy certainly has evolved over the years as one of the more successful cleaning companies. This organization has been able to branch out and get employers in different countries that can clean and do an assortment of other things.

For me, Handy is best during the spring season because I have allergies, and dust is not my friend. If I ever have to assemble anything I am not going to want to take any more time to learn. I will just want to get the people in place that can assemble furniture quickly. That is what Handy does.

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James Dondero Helps Highland Capital Management Coping In New Market Dynamics

James Dondero is a manager and a market strategist, who is mostly known as Jim Dondero. James is the CEO of an investment firm, Highland Capital Management, which has its headquarters in Dallas, USA. Sir James chief responsibility in HCM is conducting all special operations in the company. Jim possesses more than 25 years of experience in the capital market industry.

Recently, investor Dondero appointed Mr. Jones as the new senior executive of structured products in the company. Mr. Terry Jones, who has been in the financial market for more than 20 years, will be reporting company’s daily undertakings to James Dondero. He is a qualified and registered accountant, a factor that has contributed to his achievements and success in the industry. James Dondero is surrounded by a dedicated and committed staff that works tirelessly to attend their customers efficiently on a daily basis.

President Dondero has lots of experience in dealing with other financial institutions in the capital market. He is currently working together with Highland capital management affiliates which include the Highland Brasil, NexPoint Capital Company, ACM, and NexPoint Advisors. The partnership has resulted in a generation of more than $20 billion dollars, which is managed by investor Dondero in forms of assets.

In the past few years, the business undertakings of the financial markets have been changing. HCM has been enjoying the infrastructure development, investing expertise, and the available equity funds, which has helped in the positioning of the firm regarding performances and competition. Mr. Terry Jones expressed his gratitude for being appointed as the new Highland Capital Management head of structured products.

Highland Capital Management has been prioritizing on offering credit solutions to their esteemed clients in an efficient and affordable manner. Mr. Dondero aims towards placing their customers with risk management strategies and market transparencies. Mr. Jones expertise will highly put Highland Capital Company into higher rankings as he is equipped with market and structured products plans. Before being signed by James Dondero, Mr. Jones worked with a life insurance company.

For more than 30 years, HCM has been specializing in offering top-notch services such as hedge funds management, assets management, and Exchange-Traded Funds.

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Charles Koch Contributes Towards A Healthy And Democratic Society May 18, 2016

Charles Koch is an American scholar who has been in the capital markets industry for more than 20 years. He is a self-made billionaire who has achieved most of his wealth out his personal efforts. Mr. Koch is the acting senior executive and the head of Koch Industries, a privately owned company based in the United States.

Charles Koch has a net worth amounting to more than $40 billion dollars. He is among the richest investors in America. He is a brother to David Koch, who acts as his deputy in Koch industries, and controls all individual operations in the company. Koch recently explained his success, terming his father’s letter to him as one of the major factors that contributed to his success. Koch has also played a significant role in the well being of the education industry. He is one of the major donors in University of George Mason.

Koch is also a liberal minded person as far as the political system of the United States is concerned. According to a recent publication made by the Washington Times, Koch depicted his standings as far as the higher level graduations should be conducted. Mr. Bloomberg, who once offered his services as the New York City mayor, also agreed with Koch’s views. According to these two scholars, graduating students should be well equipped to deal with emerging challenges in the industry.

Bloomberg added that the university principals should be in the forefront towards ensuring that their students are open minded and innovative enough while releasing them into the world. Koch added that warnings given to students offending the campus regulations should be done away with as they hinder students’ progress. In the new higher level institutions, open minded and liberal speakers are not invited to offer advice to graduates, an instance that has led to low level of innovation and creativity in the education ministry.

According to Charles Koch, students should be given opportunities to try new deals so as to understand their best career outfit. For a free society and a bright future, students should be equipped with diverse skills to choose where they fit best.

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