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How Complaints Are Handled At White Shark Media August 27, 2016

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing agency. The company has specialized in online marketing solutions, especially for medium-sized and small businesses. In North America, the corporation is regarded as the fastest growing digital agency.

Part of this growth has been contributed by the company’s reputation of having cost-effective search marketing campaigns besides providing its clients with an excellent customer experience.

The company has effective boutique agency that has proven to be beneficial to many corporations across the United States. In addition, White Shark Media Complaints team has outstanding online marketing tactics and proprietary marketing tools, which have been useful to various businesses.  Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

Founded in 2011, the company has received numerous consumer complaints and praises in equal measure. However, the company’s modality of dealing with the complaints has enabled it to operate as a going concern. One of the complaints is that customers’ enquiries were made via phone but they were not getting adequate feedback. To this end, White Shark Media collaborated with Marchex to provide clients with call tracking services. These services were provided free of any charges. Every consumer that signed up had to subscribe to this service.

Some of the clients posited that they were unable to track the performance of Adwords. White Shark media knows that part of client’s success with Adwords is being able to track performances happening on their Adwords account.

According to their Twitter profile, White Shark Media started an in-house process where conversion tracking, Google Analytics and call tracking services were provided free of any charges. Through these services, clients are able to track their results besides optimizing their Adwords campaign in order to get better performances.  Read more:  White Shark Media – Google+

The company received genuine complaints from customers that they did not like Adword campaigns created for them. Towards the end of 2012, the company started a new process for new clients.

A newly created Adwords account is used to ensure that they start from scratch, especially when developing new Adwords campaigns. The entity provides clients with the opportunity of working with their own accounts if they have a campaign that previously performed well.

Most clients posited that they the contact persons assigned to them were not conversant with their needs. This way, White Shark Media jumped into action and ensured that each senior SEM consultant followed customers through the entire process of signing up until the penultimate optimization stage. These consultants are not part of the contract, thus they are not in clients’ lifecycle with the company. However, they avail themselves for questions.

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Wessex Institute Provides Conferences All Year August 22, 2016

The engineering, technology, and science industries are among the most important and valuable professional organizations when it comes to the future advancement of mankind. While these industries are very important, many professionals in the industries may find that they do not have access to as strong of an industry organization as professionals do in other industries. While the engineering, technology, and science industries have not historically had large organizations, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a new industry organization that is helping to bring jobs and professionals together.

The Wessex Institute is a European-based professional organization for scientists and other professionals in the science, engineering, and technology industries. While it is still a growing organization, it has quickly become the leading organization for these industries due to the growing membership list, the amount of conferences, and the wide range of topics that are covered at these conferences.

One of the main benefits of being a member of the Wessex Institute is that you will have the ability to attend as many of the conferences that you want. The organization typically hosts at least two large conferences per month and will have one or two major conferences every year. The meetings are conveniently held in locations all over Europe including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. The organization is also looking to expand into other areas of Europe in the coming years to attract new members.

The conferences can range considerably in the focus, which means that all professionals will be able to find something throughout the year that meets their specific profession. The organization’s focal point will vary from one meeting to the next and the entire meeting, including panels, keynote speakers, educational sessions, and networking options will be altered to meet the focus. This makes each meeting a great opportunity to learn more about your industry and will also provide the chance to meet new people in your industry. After each conference you will also be able to join various social networking programs that will help you to continue to expand your relationships and even find future professional opportunities.

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Darius Fisher – CEO, Entrepreneur, Image Fixer, Writer August 12, 2016

Darius Maxwell Fisher is the award-winning Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Status Labs. Status Labs is a digital “good image” producing company. Everyone wants to look good on Google and Darius’ goal is to make us look our top-notch best to the world and Google.

Mr. Fisher proved he is top-notch and proved he knows exactly what he and his teams are doing when it comes to promoting images. He is the winner of one of the coveted, top business awards: PR World Awards’ “Business Development Individual of The Year 2016″ Gold award. This yearly award spans the best of the world’s business leaders. These include Marketing, Investor Relations, Teams, Business Development Pros, Corporate communications, Public Relations, and other significant achievements accomplished by the world’s major industries. Darius Fisher also earned the Innovation 50 Award for 2015. It will look great accompanied by the Gold Business Development of The Year Award. Mr. Fisher graciously credits the efforts of his Status Lab team toward his winning of the awards.

Mr. Fisher’s clients include Fortune 500 businesses and other publicly-known persons worldwide. He has created new digital services to better improve Status Labs’ stature in the world market. He improved their stature so much that Status Lab enjoyed a 939% revenue growth during the time between 2012–2015. Status Labs is considered tops in online marketing, digital management of reputations, and an excellent public relations business. They are headquartered in Austin, Texas and have several offices across the United States and Sao Paulo. Their services are located in over thirty countries worldwide.

Darius Fisher, in addition to being a great business innovator, is an investor in many sectors, such as Waiakea, CrowdOptic, the Zebra, Sozo, and others. He has several projects going in real estate. Mr. Fisher is an Honors graduate in Economics, from Vanderbilt University. He is considered an expert in heading off problems in advance and in restoring damaged reputations when necessary. Darius Fisher cites lack of preparedness as the main culprit of many bad press attacks. Always keep tabs on your web properties and how others interact with them.

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Lake Tahoe Skiing Is So Much Fun! August 10, 2016

Skiing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the world of nature. When people ski, they are able to be in the fresh, pure mountain air and enjoy life. They are able to get a great workout. Skiers must use every muscle of their bodies including their hips, knees and back. Those who ski quickly find out how easy it is to be on skis and moving fast. This is why skiing makes the perfect vacation for the entire family. Dads and moms can learn to ski with their kids at the same time in the same place.

Skiing In Lake Tahoe

The world offers many great places to ski. This is very true as well for that of the continental United States. Nevada has a long tradition of welcoming skiers here from around the world. Lake Tahoe is a particular favorite of many skiers who come here to enjoy the clean mountain air and the opportunity to ski some of the most challenging slopes in all of the United States. The entire Lake Tahoe area is one in which it is possible to spend a lot of time skiing and then spend much of the rest of the day doing things such as snowboarding and snowshoeing afterwards.

Squaw Valley

At Squaw Valley, one can do so much. Visitors are welcome to have fun doing activities including skiing along the many trails here. There are also many other activities that many people find delightful such as having dinner at one of the area’s many restaurants that offer regional specialties. Those who travel to this part of the nation will find that doing so allows them the chance to be able to see much that they had never seen before. They can explore the the vast area of pristine acreage.

Exploring Alpine Meadows

Another lovely area in the Squaw Valley is that of Alpine Meadows. Alpine Meadows has been quite a draw for regional travelers and international travelers as well in the last few decades. During this time, the region has flourished and many developers have helped bring it to life with all sorts of paths that make it easy to see just how beautiful this area is at any time of the year. Those who travel to Alpine Meadows will find that it is an ideal way for them to truly enjoy the outdoor mountain air right here.

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Who’s Ready For A Stress Free Party? Says Lauren Conrad August 8, 2016

Many people have so much anxiety when it comes to pulling off the perfect party. Whether it is a wedding, summer party, or just a family gathering, there are so many things to think about that you are soon filled with deep anxiety the morning of the function.

However, Lauren Conrad has some useful tips to help people not have any anxiety when having a party. These tips will secure a stress-free party for sure. Lauren knows they will work for you because they have worked for her.

Lauren’s first tip would be for you to get some support. You can do this by speaking to friends and family and people that have recently thrown a party. Find out what theme they used, what type of food they had, and if it was an indoor or outdoor function. It would be best to speak with as many people as possible; this way you will obtain a multitude of usable ideas.

Lauren’s next tip would be for you to outline your entire party on paper. Lauren believes this is a big mistake people make. They only put their budget on paper and nothing else. However, you should have a blueprint of the hall or outdoor venue, where people will be sitting, where the food will be, and where the stereo will be placed. Lauren believes following these tips will give you the stress-free party you have always been after.

If this is all too much for you, you should contact 23 Layers. This is a New York company comprised of event planners that help people throw the perfect party. You don’t have to worry about gathering ideas when you hire them. They have books and books of ideas. You can even combined several ideas together.

You also will not have to put together a blueprint. They will do that for you. They will take total control of the party. All you will have to do is greet your guests, remain stress free, and have a great time. There prices are the lowest in the industry because they know they do a great job and want you to experience that.

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“Caring Star” Given to The Manse on Marsh Once Again July 27, 2016

The Manse on Marsh has been named of the of Nations Best assisted living communities and won its second “Caring Star” award this year as well. The San Luis Obispo County based assisted living community has been a long time favorite of residents and prospective residents with an impressive 5-star all-time user rating on Caring.com’s website and no outstanding negative user complaints. It should be no surprise that the won the “Caring Star” award with that kind of quality recognition since entries into award consideration only have to maintain a 4-star all-time average and receive a single 5-star review. Meanwhile, the Manse on Marsh’s community received 5 such reviews during the timeframe of the award consideration.

The Manse on Marsh used an industry-vetted Care Planning System which enables their caretakers to create and maintain a personalized care plan for each of the residents. This ensures that residents and their families are only being billed for services they are actually using and want. These services include medication management, meal reminders, grooming sessions, and much more. When Logan Sexton the CEO and Executive Director of the company learned of their second time winning the “Caring Star” award, he stated that it was a sign that residents appreciated and recognized the premier level of care that they provide.

Awards like “Caring Star” are really a boon to the potential future residents of assisted living communities like the Manse on Marsh, found here on Facebook. The reason is that numerous studies have found that when selecting a company or product to trust or purchase that internet-based consumer review is one of the most important deciding factors. In fact, the CEO and co-founder of Caring.com, Andy Cohen, mentioned that the intent of the award was to recognize superior service and help steer potential residents towards trustworthy and reliable assisted living communities that American’s love most.  Check them out on Twitter for news and updates.

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ClassDojo’s an Unorthodox Startup, And Teachers Love It July 26, 2016

It’s as if it were a story straight out of the movies. After just a week of partnership, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started reaching out to teachers across California about their new business venture designed specifically for schools. With just days to go on Sam’s visa, they zeroed in on the biggest complication teachers encounter on a daily basis.

Years after their partnership began, Sam and Liam have turned ClassDojo into a household name, in use in more than two-thirds of schools across the United States and 180 other countries. Available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, teachers can use this communication platform like most social media services, connecting them to parents who can learn about their child’s scholastic development through messages, pictures and videos passed along by the teacher.

While this platform may sound simple in what it offers, ClassDojo insists that connecting home and school has transformed the teaching experience for the better. With it, teachers can really make parents feel more involved in what goes on with students on a daily basis, “liking” updates that show off how well they’re advancing in that environment.

Parents are also allowed a bit of private communication with teachers with private messages that allow for more detailed conversations about the behavior of their children or places where they are in need of support in order to keep up with the rest of the class.

This not only does away with the need for semi-annual parent-teacher meetings where those two parties may exchange information about a student over a handful of minutes, but ClassDojo is single-handedly changing the atmosphere in classrooms by introducing unprecedented levels of collaboration that foster support for children at school and at home.

But ClassDojo is not without controversy. The platform has an application for behavioral tracking, which grades a student’s conduct with a number that suggests either behavior worthy of praise or one in need of correction. Yet ClassDojo continues to refine its platform and retain its place in the eyes of school districts everywhere.

Investors seem to be aware of that unique position ClassDojo has carved out for itself and are climbing over one another to hand out much needed funding for expansion. At the end of 2015, ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million on top of the $8.5 million from a previous round of funding in 2013.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects parents and teachers in order to exchange information about a student’s scholastic performance and conduct.

ClassDojo has been released in more than 180 countries, crossing cultural borders that make it possible to revolutionize the institution of schools through effective technology.


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Venezuelan pop star Norka Luque goes worldwide with Tommorowland July 22, 2016

Venezuelan musical artist Norka Luque feels ready to take worldwide audiences by storm today with her latest single “Tomorrowland.” Well known in her native country, the Caracas-born pop star may surprise American audiences, not just with her sound, but her attitude – purely positive.

LatinOL.com describes her fusion of pop, reggae, and rock ‘n’ roll as “fresh” and “modern.” Her 2012 dance hit “Milagro” sat at number one on the Venezuelan charts for 14 weeks. The English language version, “Miracle,” remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, reached 11 on the Billboard dance chart. Luque has worked from the start of her professional career with producer Emilio Estefan, best known to American audiences for Miami Sound Machine and his work with spouse, singer Gloria Estefan.

Although much of Luque’s music resembles Gloria Estefan’s in some ways, her positive pop leans most toward dance. But the MTV generation shouldn’t expect J Lo styled dance videos. Although she studied ballet and flamenco her videos showcase little dance. The performer prefers storytelling videos that showcase happiness and a lust for life.

“We as artists have the great responsibility of bringing a positive message to our fans because the lyrics in our songs transport them to the deepest levels of their emotions. Both, societal and musical evolution go hand in hand,” she told Latino Show Magazine. “New rhythms and genres are born, but the essence of the message that we want to transmit to people should never change. With the song Milagro, I want to send a message of hope to those who are overwhelmed by a personal crisis, like the one that I went through, and who hope for a miracle to change their lives. I am the result of several situations which have allowed me to value life even more and to come to the realization that my destiny is music, the medium by which I want to transmit love.”

Spanish-speaking audiences already love Norka Luque, a fact supported by her 2011 nomination for Female Pop Artist of the Year by “Premios Lo Nuestro” (a Univision produced music awards show). In 2016, she’s ready to share her music and love with the world.

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Why Thor Halvorssen is a Key Figure in the Human Rights Movement July 21, 2016

If his incessant late night emails and encoded Wickr messages are anything to go by, then Thor Halvorssen is not your average human rights defender. Thor Halvorssen serves as the president of New York based lobby group, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Since launching the organization in 2005, the 39 year old half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan has created a name for himself in the human rights movement.

During the Second World War, Thor’s grandfather served as the Norwegian king’s representative in Venezuela. He played a key role in diverting Norwegian merchant ships to Venezuelan sea ports after Norway was invaded by Germany. Thor’s father on the other hand played a crucial role in helping liberate Latin American countries from Spain. Thor therefore grew up in an environment where personal liberty was held in high esteem.

The Pragmatic Fight

Thor’s knowledge about human rights defense is not just theoretical. He has had first-hand experience concerning the suffering that citizens go through in tyrannical regimes. His father endured the full brunt of cruelty after he exposed a major narcotics syndicate. His mother was also shot while taking part in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez’s regime. His cousin Leopoldo, who has been a sharp critic of the Chavista administration is currently languishing in jail as a political prisoner.

Thor derives strength from such instances. Many would expect him to exude bitterness towards the Venezuelan people. He however loves them unconditionally. This explains why he has unconditionally embraced mavericks and political troublemakers who are best known for blowing spitballs at dictators while standing up against totalitarian regimes. Thor Halvorssen looks up to renowned political philosopher, John Stuart Mill.

Up-Close with the Man

The human rights advocate has also had resounding success as a film producer. He has been steadfast in championing the rights of the powerless. His advocacy career begun in 1989 when he organized other students to demonstrate against the Apartheid rule in South Africa.

Under Thor Halvorssen’s leadership, HRF has helped liberate many political prisoners. He has also been pivotal in promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Mr. Halvorssen has submitted damning dossiers to tens of commissions investigating human rights violations. He has similarly published extensively on issues related to human rights.

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Hard Times Making Devco Revitalization Loan Difficult To Repay

In 2005 DEVCO built the Heldrich Hotel complex, including a large conference center, which has never been more than 63 percent occupied. It was paid for with a loan to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority in New Jersey. The lead attorney who is guiding Devco and the Atlantic City Development Corporation, Chris Paladino, says repayment of the loan may take an extra couple of years. It was Paladino who put the whole deal together in the beginning. He is not worried for the long term, but does state that because of low occupancy, the loan for the complex will be repaid on a longer term schedule than was originally planned. He also points out that the project has shown to bring a revitalization of the downtown location, which will lead to the whole city becoming vibrant again, in the long run.

Devco stands for The New Brunswick Development Corporation. It is a non-profit organization that develops real estate specifically in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The aim is to use Devco to drive interest in revitalizing the city’s blighted urban areas. They have been particularly active in updating one full block of the downtown area into a new type of urban community. It was built with a $20 million loan provided by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan’s repayment is already behind over $7 million.

So far, Devco has operated on several city projects, with a budget of $1.6 billion. Most of this came from New Brunswick investors. The method Devco is using has proved successful. Their partnerships, both public and private, are effectively re-imaging the city of New Brunswick. They are also expert at securing funding to complete their projects, some of which have won major awards. Read more about this in this article in Press of Atlantic City.


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