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Walking in the footsteps of Antony Marsala of Madison Capital May 2, 2016

Anthony Marsala is not your everyday guy. He has just won the Top CEO in finance worldwide. Anthony Marsala testifies to all wannabe investors. He, after all, started Madison Street Capital at a very young age and had watched it grow day after day. It today has a presence in over four continents and counting.


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based private equity firm founded by Marsala. It was based on the old Chicagoan tradition of enterprise and opportunities for all. In a recent article, Antony Marsala advised on how well to invest in foreign markets. He says the trickiest part of the money market is navigating through the foreign currency restrictions. It can be frustrating but is worth the effort once solved.


Experts like Antony Marsala have therefore made it a mission in life to make money. Marsala says the secret of Madison Street Capital is it has never been 100 percent correct on the prospects they invest in, but the whole idea is to analyze the markets and wait for the right moment to invest in any stock. Marsala opines that for a successful investor, all it takes is diversification of assets invested in and a little patience.


By spreading one’s money across different stocks, an investor can avoid total bankruptcy when things do not go their way. Antony Marsala has addressed many investment questions on his social media, college presentations and even TV and radio shows at home and all over the world.


Before the financial crunch that hit the world, his advice saved many people’s pensions and investments when he told them how to or not to invest. As such, he has become a force to reckon with especially in Chicago. Antony Marsala has also advised major banks as well as the public that it was not the economics of the market that controlled how markets worked, but it was ideology.


According to Marsala, new entrants into the stock market change the existing dynamics of trade, and this is where investors need to be more vigilant. Investing in new companies means huge rewards and equally huge risks while older players mostly carry low risk and low returns. This has been his advice to investment banks all over the world on some occasions.


Antony Marsala has also been vocal about the need to keep friendly ties with countries like China that have enormous economic leaps as this will improve the trade relations with America as well as keep both countries’ money markets stable.


Ultimately, Antony is a big asset to Madison Capital. We can only imagine what his plans for the company are. We wish him all the best.

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Is Athleisure Too Casual Or Not? April 28, 2016

There are a lot of people who are wondering if athleisure is too casual or not. They are not sure what it is going to look like they get out of the house, but the idea is for athleisure to be easy to wear. Women like a Kate Hudson have started athleisure lines to make sure that they would look great if they were just running to the gym or out on the town, but there are still some who think it could be too casual.
Elite Daily captioned that Kate Hudson already covered this at Fabletics by making sure that she made nice tops and skirts that are going to work well with her workout clothes. However, and there are other people who want to dress it up. Most women who are dressing up in Fabletics and other athleisure brands are going to look amazing, and they are going to look like yoganistas. They are going to look strong as they walk down the street, and they do not have to complete their outfits if they do not want to.

There is a lot of power in seeing someone in Fabletics with just her sports bra and tights, and she can throw a jacket on to get to and from the gym. That is a very strong outfit that any woman can wear, or she can go with a wispy sweater that is going to make her look like a fairy floating down the street. These are not outfits that are too casual, and they are going to help women look great even if the only thing they are doing is going to yoga class.

The fine line between casual and dressy does not exist in athleisure, and lines like Fabletics are helping women get dressed quickly. All these brands look great, and they can go from strong to simple in an instant. The outfits do not have to look complete, but they are still going to look fabulous even if a woman only throws on some wedges and sunglasses to leave the house. Women get style choices without worrying about being judged.

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Venezuelan 4 Day Work Week April 21, 2016

Venezuela is moving to a three day weekend. President Nicolas Maduro announced that for the next 60 days,the duration of April and May, all public employees will be participating in a mandatory 4 day work week. This announcement comes as a result of the severe drought that has been produced by El Niño. Venezuela’s electricity is mainly produced by hydro-electricity, electricity produced through the flow of water. The Guri Dam, near the country’s capitol, is responsible for providing over 40% of the nations electricity. “This is problematic” says analyst Norka Luque, since the water levels in Venezuela are at an all time low and the dam is no longer able to produce enough electricity to keep up with the demands.
The 4 day work week is only mandatory for public sector jobs at this time but President Maduro is encouraging private sector businesses to look for ways to cut their electricity consumption. He encourages businesses to cut their use of electricity by 20% or to find ways of producing their own electricity. Luque also said that the president also encourages citizens to avoid use of air conditioners, clothes dryers, hair dryers, and hair straighteners in order to conserve resources.

President Maduro is hopeful that these measures combined with the return of the rainy season at the end of May will help his country through these difficult times.

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Why VTA Publication Discourages Indecisiveness and Lethargy April 20, 2016

At the end of a long working day most of us find ourselves on commuter trains, which take us back to our homes in the suburbs. It is not uncommon to board overloaded cabins, which rarely have adequate breathing space. The situation is familiar to many people who have used this mode of public transport. There is always an invisible cloud of an imminent catastrophe, which only worsens the situation. A critical observer is bound to sympathize with the passengers. With the economy a present precarious state, everyone seems to be clinging onto their lives. No matter how good the economy appears, there is always a displeased look on the faces of the travelers.

Studying the passengers more keenly, the sympathy that you have for them will surely vanish. It is clear that they are faced by insurmountable challenges in their workstations. Government employees are not spared either. What they do not know is that they need to come up with contingency plans. However most of them are always engrossed in video games, chatting or napping. They do not realize that this is dead time, which can be put into much better use like formulating a business plan. These are the same people who will whine about not having time to run a side business. Their skeptic attitude towards home-run business makes their lives so predictable. In the current economic situation, this state of lethargic despondency and indecisiveness needs to be avoided at all costs.

VTA Publications in Brief

This is a London based company, which was founded in 2012. It offers instructive and educative products and services. VTA also publishes non-fictional e-learning material. Besides this, the firm helps organize events, which cater for the needs of specific genres. Since its establishment, it has managed to avail market oriented products to thousands of readers throughout the globe.

Companies House admits the company also offers mentorship programs whose aim is helping clients improve their financial statuses. With this in mind, it develops learning materials that are tailor made to meet the specific needs of each reader. This gives them a competitive advantage in the commercial world. Its booklets often run out of stock as soon as they are made available. This is because they give useful insights and strategies that can be used to make fruitful investments, more so in the stock markets. The firm also organizes investment seminars. Keynote speakers at these forums are notable businessmen. Their speeches are recorded and sold by VTA so that the message can reach a wider audience.

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Hayman Capital Management’s CEO Kyle Bass Is Talking About Investing In Gold And Raising Interest Rates April 19, 2016

The stock market has shown its true colors in 2016. After one of the worst starts in market history in January 2016, the market has made a rebound and investors are feeling a little better. But investors like hedge fund guru Kyle Bass told his partners not to get too comfortable with the stock market. Bass, in a recent interview, told BusinessInsider.com that gold is making a comeback, and the Feds will have to raise interest rates soon. But if the rates go up there’s a chance that could cause a major slowdown in the economy. Many economists believe that if the Feds raise rates in April 2016, the stock market will experience a dramatic downturn.

Investors that believe those economists are already buying gold and getting out of the stock market. Bass is one of those investors. Bass is betting big that the Chinese yuan is going to lose more than 30 percent of its value against the dollar. If Bass and other hedge fund investors are right they will make billions on that bet. The Chinese have been very vocal about those bets.

The Chinese government said it will do what it has to do to keep their currency’s stable. What that means is dumping billions of capital reserve dollars into their economy to make sure the yuan keeps its value. Bass told the BuisnessInsider.com interviewer that the yuan has been dropping in 2016, and it will continue to do so in spite of the capital reserve injections.

Hedge fund managers like Kyle Bass have been under fire lately for charging too much in transaction fees. Many of the billion dollar pension funds are leaving hedge funds for assets that offer better returns and less fees. Bass has a few other tricks up his investment sleeve. He is involved in a plan to short drug companies that are being investigated for patent violations. Bass made a deal with Erich Spangenberg. He’s the man insiders call the patent troll. The scheme is to short stocks in drug companies that Spangenberg has identified as patent violators.

Bass is always in the news. He was one of the Wall Street executives that bet the mortgage market bonds were junk and the whole system was going to fail in 2008. Bass is also the investor that took General Motors side when the airbag issue was first reported. Bass blamed the victims for the General Motors power steering mess as well. There’s no question that Bass is a billionaire with lots of wins to his name, but that tide may turn sooner than later, according to some executives in the investment industry.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Named CEO of Coriant

Coriant, an optical transport vendor, has taken a big step with the naming of Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO. He takes over the role from Pat DiPietro, who moved into the position of vice chairman and returned to his position of operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, the company who owns Coriant. Coriant is a supplier of innovative networking solutions to over 100 countries.

Kheradpir isn’t new to the role of CEO. He has over 28 years of experience in the executive field, most recently as CEO of Juniper Networks Inc. Since beginning his communications career with GTE in 1987, where he rebuilt the company’s core systems based on modern computer science, he has also worked as chief information and technical officer at Verizon Communications and was chief operations and technology officer at Barclays Bank. The changes he made while working at Barclays Bank were expected to save the company nearly $4.5 billion in 2015.

Kheradpir didn’t just slide into the role of CEO at Coriant, though. He has been working with the company as operating executive of Marlin Equity Partners since early last year and has been an invaluable resource since then. DiPietro himself has stated his excitement to be working with Kheradpir in this new capacity, quoting Kheradpir’s strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution.

In his new position, Kheradpir intends to drive Coriant’s growth strategy and strengthen its focus on the customers and solutions that will most favorably impact them in the current dynamic and competitive end-user markets. In 2007, he was named to CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame. He also holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in New York. He also holds many patents spanning the communications world and sat on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology and on the Cornell University Engineering Council.

For more information, please see: http://www.lightreading.com/optical/packet-optical/kheradpirs-coriant-comeback/a/d-id/718548

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George Soros Gives European Union Refugee Program

One of the biggest threats in recent history to face the EU is the current immigration policy being practiced in trying to handle the large number of asylum seekers flowing into Europe from Greece and Turkey. George Soros a well known billionaire business man and philanthropist recently published his thoughts on solving the refugee problem that the EU is facing today in the New York Review of Books. His outline addresses the major issues and allows for solving the issues facing Europe today both financially and socially. To ignore the current issue on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says and not do anything is a real threat to the end of the European Union.

There are many problems with the current policies. The first problem is that the policy was not established with input from all of the nations of the EU. It was negotiated by the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and imposed on the other member nations. There is no incentive for them to support this project. The second issue on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/ was that the policy was enacted without putting any mechanism in place to fund the refugee problem. Another problem reported is that the process was not voluntary. All of the countries of the EU were required to accept the agreement without input. That is of course going to lead to some resentment from nations who want to be in a partnership but they are forced to accept quotas of immigrants and require the refugees to take up residence in nations that they do not want to live in.

George Soros addresses all of the issues with a smart and consistent policy decisions that could solve each of these problems the EU currently faces. George Soros believes that the basic things that address the problem are in place and just need to be enhanced. Giving financial assistance to the countries in the Middle East to make people lives better there will slow the refugee issue to a manageable level. They also have to establish a consistent quota of refugees for Europe that can be small enough to accommodate the current unfavorable policies for European nations and provide hope for refugees that eventually there will be a place for them in Europe.

George Soros is a supporter of the well being of refugees because of his personal experience during WWII. He had to become a refugee himself, leaving his home in Hungary to escape the Nazi occupation. His treatment during that time is a motivation behind his seeking solutions to the current crisis. He has spent much of his time speaking up for those that are not able to speak up for themselves. He sees his good fortune of being wealthy as an obligation to help others. He has supported those suffering from oppression much of his adult life. He assisted black South Africans during the racist apartheid rule by establishing scholarships. He also helped to maintain the spark of freedom behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War by sponsoring cultural exchanges between East and West. Even today he has supported Open Societies which are organizations that exist all over the world and support the civil rights of people and a transparency of government behavior in those nations.

When it comes to the refugee crisis facing Europe today, Soros knows that developing a workable plan is the only solution that will result in success. The cost of the program now is much less than the cost should the EU and their open border policies be abandoned. Soros sees the refugees leaving the Middle East as people seeking the opportunity to be free, worship how they want and to have hope for developing a good life in the future. That is all refugees have wanted throughout time. Creating responsible and collaborative policy will help control the refugee issue and help build a united and strong EU economically and politically.

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Michael Zomber: Historian, Collector, Writer April 12, 2016

For over forty years, Michael Zomber, an IMDb registered film historian, has been collecting antique arms and armor. He is an expert with Japanese, European, and Islamic arms and armor from the 16th century until the 19th century. He even has international authority on Japanese samurai swords. He has also appeared as a guest historian and expert on Tales of the Gun series featured on The History Channel. He was featured in numerous episodes about different types of guns including, shotguns, dueling pistols, automatic pistols and guns owned by the famous.

Michael Zomber sees these artifacts as pieces of art. He wants to teach future generations how to see them the same way and how to best take care of them. It is a big responsibility that he claims they must understand. Thus, the pieces he does sell, he makes sure that they go to people or institutions that he knows has the knowledge to care of them properly. He believes this is the best way to honor their historical and monetary value.

Zomber also has writing credits with over a dozen screenplays and historical novels including the non-fiction book titled, Jesus and the Samurai. His most recent work focuses on the Civil War era. These books are all still in print. With his wife’s help with production, he has also completed a critically acclaimed documentary titled, Soul of the Samurai. Andrea and Michael Zomber founded Renascent Films, LLC together in 1998. Other works distributed by them include Deep Sea Diving and La Cucaracha.

With his extensive knowledge on guns, he is well aware of the conflicts and violence that accompanies them. Because of this, he is a big supporter of NGO, whose mission is to create peace. They work along side UNICEF, Doctor Without Borders and Amnesty International.

According to his website bio, Michael Zomber was born in Washington D.C. in 1949 by emigrant parents from Germany and Berlin. He currently resides in Tennessee with his wife and two children, Gabriella and Christopher. He has a bachelor’s degree with honors in English Literature and Psychology. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature from U.C.L.A.

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Brad Reifler Sees Bitcoin as Bad Investment April 7, 2016

Bitcoin is a currency system that is completely digital and is not backed by any entity at all, like a bank or a country. However the use of the currency has grown over the years because it has a smaller financing cost to it than a credit transaction but there are many questionable things about the use of this currency and Bradley Reifler the CEO of Forefront Capital, a New York City private wealth management firm that handles financial services. He has not shied away from his dislike for the potential investment in Bitcoin and sees a whole lot of potential problems that might arise that could be avoided by using more standard and safe financial means to invest in.

Many people have chosen to speculate on the value of Bitcoin which has made the value fluctuate greatly over the recent past. Reifler believes that it is vital to recommend to all level of client not to invest in Bitcoin due to the inherent risk involved in the process. There is a danger of loss that all investors are going to face when dealing in Bitcoin that simply can’t be overlooked. They are untraceable, and there is always a potential of paying for something and getting absolutely nothing for it. In a credit transaction there is the ability to get a charge back if the result is not satisfactory. There is no such recourse with Bitcoin. That has led to its use in less than savory activities because of the untraceable nature it has been linked to crime and corruption.

Brad Reifler has stood up for the 99% since his founding of Forefront Capital, he creates investment opportunities for “regular” people to have the ability to build wealth. Many of the common investments opportunities are geared toward the richest in our society because of rules developed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Reifler noticed this inequity and decided to set his business up around helping people without wealth already build their wealth and become more financially secure. In a firm stance Reifler advises all of his clients not to invest in the Bitcoin market because there is too much risk of loss.

Reifler built his reputation by managing wealthy and successful hedge funds. His father in law approached him about investing his life savings and building wealth and Reifler was astonished that there were few opportunities for a person like his father in law to invest, many of the opportunities were for accredited investors, meaning wealthy. That put him on the path to establish Forefront Capital, an investment firm that focused on creating funds that non-accredited individuals like his father in law could invest in and grow their wealth.

Reifler is a champion of the common man and advises many on the path to building wealth and providing opportunities to find growth and prosperity. He advises that all people should build a financial portfolio that is diversified. This will allow for one problem in a single area to not have the power to wipe out much of your investment. It is his hope that with a stronger list of options for investing that the 99% could conceivably build a small investment into a rather wealthy retirement account and not be left on the hook.

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Taking Steps to Fix a “One Bad Day” Reputation Nightmare April 1, 2016

Everybody can suffer from one bad day. Unfortunately, t troubling day could have repercussions that carry on for an extended period of time. In very dire instances, the outcome of the proverbial bad day just might lead to legal troubles and serious consequences on the job. Assistant professor Melissa Click was caught up in a controversy at the University of Missouri. A protest on campus led to a heated exchange. Click ended up losing her job over the matter.


To say she suffered from the events of “one bad day” would be inaccurate. There are 24 hours in a day. The amount of time dedicated to Click’s confrontation with student journalists on the campus was far less than 24 hours. The media feeding frenzy that emerged when video of the confrontation surfaced lasted far longer than a single day. The internet keeps moments in history alive long after people wished things either smoothed over or were outright forgotten. Hoping for a positive conclusion to a messy day isn’t enough. Proactive steps have to be taken to mitigate the fallout. Not doing so means that nefarious day may haunt someone for years and years.


Status Labs of Austin, TX specializes in helping to deal with reputation disaster scenarios. There are several ways Status Labs works at improving the harmed reputation of someone who is being unfairly treated. Perception, as the saying goes, can be everything. The SEO, public relations, and digital marketing experts at Status Labs may work hard at crafting a new, more positive impressive.


One way to do this entails totally re-inventing a social media presence. A lot of work may be required to retool a person’s online image via social media platforms, but the end result makes all the work worth it. A lot of negative information online ends up being minimized when newer, more upbeat and fair content replaces it.
No one should delay when a reputation has been harmed. Darius Fisher, Status Labs’ president, notes things never get better on their own. Only when a solid team of experts is working in fixing a reputation will the reputation change.

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