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A Great Video For People Interested in Lime Crime Velvetines September 20, 2016

Celia Leslie, beauty vlogger, filmed a video on YouTube where she tries on 24 different Lime Crime Velvetines lip color. The video is so helpful for someone like myself who likes the bold colors that Lime Crime offers, but wants to see how it looks after it is applied to the lips. Sometimes colors may look different after you have purchased them, so it was useful to see the video demonstration. Cashmere, Buffy, Bleached, Riot, Faded, Cupid, Polly, or Teddy Bear are great colors that can be worn on a daily basis. These colors are soft enough to be worn regularly. The colors blend in well and can be worn with a variety of different color make up and outfits. Saint, True Love, Utopia, Beet It, Red Velvet, Wicked, Pansy, Fetish, and Jinx are dark colors that are great for an outing with friends. They are colors people wear when they want to be noticed, especially the superfoils.

As you can see in Leslie’s video, Lime Crime Velvetines dry as soon as they are applied. While some lip colors can rub off on teeth or leave marks on cups and mugs, the Velvetines create an instant matte finish that cannot be removed without careful preparation. The colors are loud and are made for people like myself who want to be noticed.

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime and is a female entrepreneur that I look up to. She created the company in 2008 and has seen success ever since. Deere wanted to create a cosmetic line that allowed her to express her individuality and boldness. She developed the first Velvetines in 2012 which caught on as a popular trend after word of mouth spread online through storefronts like Doll’s Kill. Now videos like Celia Leslie’s are created educate the public on the cosmetic line.

Lime Crime is a company that I feel comfortable supporting. Their Velvetines are Vegan certified and all of the products sold on the cosmetic line are cruelty-free. Since Celia Leslie perfectly demonstrates how fantastic the colors are in her video blog, I know that what Velvetine products are right for me.

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Raj Fernando as CEO at Chopper Trading September 16, 2016

In 2002, using his background from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later the Chicago Board of Trade, Raj Fernando started his own company, called Chopper Trading. Over the course of his leadership, Raj grew his company into a formidable size, with over 250 employees. His company was publicly traded on multiple stock exchanges. Raj credits his company’s success to his laid back attitude and relaxed hiring process. He views his employees as family, and wants to nurture and foster good working relationships that encourage employees to stay with the company until retirement, unlike most other trading firms who have a constant turnover of workers. Most days you can find his employees spending time together after hours, taking in one of Chicago’s sports teams, with tickets provided by the company.

Raj Fernando takes his time during the interview and hiring process, preferring to be upfront and honest with potential employees. He feels the more relaxed and open you can be, the better quality worker you can attract. This limits the amount of turnover Chopper Trading sees each year, which leads to increased work efficiency and productivity. Raj also gets many more employees involved in hiring a potential candidate, as opposed to most companies who might just have the job applicant deal only with the HR hiring manager. He feels that the more employees the candidate gets along with, the better the company runs as a whole. If over the course of the hiring process, the candidate talks and gets along with 10 or 20 employees, his or her transition into the company will go much more smoothly.

It seems that Raj Fernando has discovered the best way to treat all of his employees, and that has translated into success in the business world. The rest of the competition may want to take notice and start implementing some of Chopper Trading’s hiring processes.

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Eric Pulier Is the King of the Tech Startups

There are new tech companies being started by talented entrepreneurs every day. Many of these startups have changed the way that people around the world live their lives on a daily basis. Eric Pulier is a guy who has been responsible for creating many of the biggest tech startups of the past several years. He has become very well known for his skill when it comes to thinking of an idea for a company, getting the necessary financing, promoting the business and turning it into a success. He has done this many times throughout his very impressive career. In fact, he does this with such regularity that many of the world’s biggest venture capitalists are always asking to work with him.

Eric was born and raised in New Jersey. The area where he grew up is very far away from where he would eventually make his fortune in Silicon Valley. He displayed no interest whatsoever in anything remotely related to technology when he was a kid. In fact, his original career choice was to become a college professor. He thought this was an ideal job because there was not a lot of pressure and the schedule would give him a lot of time off. He decided that English literature was the subject that he wanted to teach in college. He applied to Harvard and was accepted into this great university. He chose English literature as his major. He eventually graduated from Harvard with a degree in this subject.

It was not long after he graduated that Eric realized he was not going to be a college professor. He became fascinated with tech startups. He could see that the world was changing at a very rapid pace. He predicted that the demand for computers and other technology was going to increase dramatically in the coming years. This is why he knew that tech startups were where the money was going to be. Eric began to make friends with a few people who already had several successful tech startups under their belt. They were more than happy to take Eric under their wing and show him the ropes.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

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Highland Capital Management Extends Its Charitable Activities Through Partnership With The Dallas Foundation

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest alternate investment firms in the world. Just like any caring organization, the firm actively contributes to various charitable funds. Despite its global operations, it exclusively focuses on funding to local charities, instead. For the CEO of the firm, James Dondero, it is extremely important for him that charitable funds are distributed effectively.

Every year, James sees nearly $3 Million in funding to various nonprofits in Dallas and vicinity. Unlike traditional funding strategies, funds are distributed on a regular basis to provide long-term sustainable support. According to James Dondero, sustainable funding is vital to the effective distribution of funds that are likely to make a larger impact on local communities.

In fact, his vision of improving the management of charitable funds led to Mary Jalonick, President & CEO of The Dallas Foundation. Mary oversees Dallas Foundation, which helps companies develop an effective procedure to distribute charitable funds. By joining hands with Mary, James is be able to achieve his vision of charitable giving framework that would be inspirational, bold and effective. Already, plans are underway as Mary Jalonick helped James form a supporting organization of Dallas Foundation, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc.

According to the company’s official press release, the Highland Dallas Foundation will manage various veteran, educational and healthcare initiatives. Following on the mission of its founder, James Dondero, funds will continue to support large number of prominent institutions such as the Dallas Zoo, the Bush Presidential Library and the Perot Museum. However, Highland Dallas Foundation will ensure that funds are distributed more effectively to answer concerns of locals.

To oversee operations of Highland Dallas Foundation, both Mary Jalonick and Dondero agreed to hire prominent civic leader, Linda Owen. Linda has a great track-record of developing public-private partnerships in the Dallas area. As a CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, she is instrumental in developing communities in Dallas. In addition, her experience as the CEO of The Real Estate Council, will also prove extremely valuable for the philanthropic activities of Highland Capital Management. Hopefully, the collaboration of James Dondero with Mary Jalonick and Linda Owen will prove another major milestone in the history of philanthropy in Dallas.

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Madison Street Capital Is The Winner Of The Prestigious M & A Award September 13, 2016

Madison Street Capital will be named winner of the 15th annual M & A awards and you can get the highlights of the story here. The award recognizes the international investment company for their financial achievements. They’re being recognized for successfully building the wealth and portfolio of many elite people and corporations. They have successfully managed over $24.4 billion dollars in business and assets. They have been recognized as a leading firm for many years in the industry. Madison Capital is a name that people know and trust. You’re invited to visit their website and learn more on how to protect your money.

Madison Street Capital CEO and founder Charles Botchway has been a major success behind the firm. He is responsible for building the lasting relationships between his firm and potential clients. In fact, most of their clients represent some of the richest people in the world. Madison Street Capitol continues to be successful because of their commitment to integrity, excellency, and corporate financial advisement. They take a safeguard over your assets and finances. They are willing to protect your money like it’s their own. They make you a leading competitor in the global marketplace.

They have helped thousands of people just like you manage their money. In fact, Madison Street Capitol has given financial advise to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. They still lead the industry in pioneering many businesses to a new beginning of financial freedom. They have earned the trust of thousands of clients because of their dedication. They pride themselves with having the highest level of professionalism in the industry. They have helped to build the trust of the public with the financial sector. Invest your money with a firm you can rely on. Learn more about Madison Street Capital today for more investment and financial managing opportunities.

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JustFab Wants To Offer Their Clothes For Everyone With FabForAll September 6, 2016

The new FabForAll campaign from JustFab is something that has all the extended sizes that people need, and it will help people make sure that they are going to find what they need no matter what size they are JustFab wants to be sure that they can reach out to as many people as they can, and that is why they came up with something that has extended sizes. s a great thing for people need extended sizes, and it lets more shoppers come to the company.

They offer a large set of items that people get in a box, and every customer needs to get them in a way that helps them get dressed instantly. Getting dressed with Just Fab is easy because all their clothes come right in the box.

They sell shoes and accessories at the same time, and they have made sure that they will look good when they leave the house. Someone who really cares about fashion will get all the things they need in one shipment.

JustFab is including new customers into their brand now because they have come up with this very effective program. They want everyone who loves clothes to use the FabForAll tag, and they want to make sure that they are going to have a chance to wear something that looks new and fresh. It makes people look great, and it helps them feel like they have a place that they can go at any time for help.

It is a very good thing for people use the FabForAll program when they are looking for extended sizes, and they can get the fashion boxes hey need.

The boxes come in the mail ready to wear, and they look incredible. Each new box opens up the world of fashion for a woman of any size.

Learn more about Just Fab: http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Don_Ressler

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Giving The Russian Economy A Needed Boost August 31, 2016

According to Alexei Beltyukov, there are ways to stop the slide of the Russian economy. In recent times many investors became spooked and invested their money elsewhere rather than invest in Russia. Projected economic growth was only a portion of what they were previously projected to be.

Ukrainian turmoil was responsible for market instability due to issues in previous months. March’s stock index saw a drop of ten percent. Andrey Klepach, the Deputy Economy Minister said that as much as seventy billion dollars was lost in the first quarter of 2016.

There are citizens however that are making strides to improve the economic situation in Russia. For example, according to About.me, Alexei Beltyukov one of the founders of the Skolkovo foundation is giving small business owners a boost and helping to improve the overall economy through his government sanction company. This company helps create business strategies and give start-up businesses advice. His company also helps the startup businesses find tax breaks and receive Business Development award. This Foundation is responsible for the creation of over 13,000 jobs.

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian businessman and an entrepreneur. He created Endemic Capital in 2013 which funds small startup Russian businesses. He also assists those companies that are struggling financially through his company A-Ventures Ltd.

Alexei Beltyukov has made a large impact on helping to improve the Russian economy through his efforts to boost the small business sector. He has worked closely with the Russian government to encourage and assist those individuals that take the chance on investing in startup business efforts. It is because of his services that there is not further decline in the economic sector of the country.  Also, check out Alexei on social media.

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Brazilian Exporters Want To Turn The Political Page And Get The Economy Moving Again

Brazil is rich in Natural resources. The country has developed a very strong export market over the last eight years because it offers an assortment of materials and products that other countries don’t have. Forty-six percent of all Brazilian exports are raw materials. Thirty-eight percent of all exports are manufacturing materials. The Sao Paulo-based exporter, Eucatex, is one of the largest suppliers of building products for the domestic market as well as the global market, according to Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf. Flavio Maluf is responsible for the tremendous growth of Eucatex over the last 20 years. Eucatex supplies ceiling tiles, paint, MDF panels, varnishes, floorboard and other building supplies to China, the United States, Argentina, the European Union, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The recent events in Brazil have created some challenges for Flavio Maluf and the other business people in Brazil that depend on exports to keep their factories operating. The current political situation and the concerns about the Zika virus have hurt the export business. Flavio Maluf and other well-known exporters want to turn the page and get Brazil’s economy and export business moving again.

Flavio Maluf was named president of his family-owned business in 1997. Maluf has a background in mechanical engineering and he studied business administration at NYU in New York. His family prepared Flavio for his executive role long before he was put in that position. Maluf would spend time in the family-owned sawmill when he was a child, and he would work in the Eucatex factory and watch the eucalyptus ceiling tiles being put together while he attended Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, in Sao Paulo. Eucatex has always been an environmentally conscious company, and Maluf continues to keep the environment in mind whenever the company opens a new office. Eucatex also purchased a eucalyptus tree forest, so they can keep planning trees that have been cut down for construction purposes.

The economy of Brazil is expected to contract by at least three percent in 2016, but Maluf thinks a little more positive news could help the export business recover. The success of the Olympics helped business a little, but the country needs new leadership to really get Brazil back on track, according to Maluf.

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Guest Satisfaction in Hotels August 29, 2016

The same way as travelers visiting various hotels anticipate to get amenities that used to be exceptional perks like premium linen, complimentary breakfast, and free WI-FI, the industry might be approaching a client satisfaction plateau. This is according to research conducted by J.D Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study.

The study measures how guest are satisfied in various hotels across eight hotel segments. The sections includes:

1. Luxury
2. Upper upscale
3. Upscale
4. Upper-midscale
5. midscale
6. Economy/budget
7. Upper extended stay
8. Extended stay

In determining the overall satisfaction of clients, seven fundamental measures are scrutinized in every segment. The measures include:

1. Charges and fees
2. Reservation
3. Check-in and check-out
4. Guest room
5. Food and beverages
6. Hotel facilities
7. Hotel services

Even though overall satisfaction has enhanced for a fourth successive year, this represents a much lesser increase than in recent years. In previous years, significant enhancement in charges and fees played a major role in enhancing the clients’ satisfaction. Between 2014 and 2105, the satisfaction with cost and fees upgraded by 25 points, it has only increased by one point this year.

Below are some of the key results from the study

• Just 3 percent of the visitors make use of online check-in, although satisfaction in check-in/check-out segment is highest amongst these visitors as compared to those who utilized any other technique.
• The three most essential amenities cited by visitors include breakfast, free WI-FI, and parking.
• Amongst visitors who posted something concerning their stay on social networks, three third of the posts were positive while the remaining part were negative.

About Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes is a real estate professional who owns several properties. He founded a company that concentrates on a broad range of property sales known as Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd. Terry Baltes has had a particular achievement with self-storage facility sales, and his firm is associated with a long sales record with this kind of property.

Some of many of Baltes’ current listings


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How Complaints Are Handled At White Shark Media August 27, 2016

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing agency. The company has specialized in online marketing solutions, especially for medium-sized and small businesses. In North America, the corporation is regarded as the fastest growing digital agency.

Part of this growth has been contributed by the company’s reputation of having cost-effective search marketing campaigns besides providing its clients with an excellent customer experience.

The company has effective boutique agency that has proven to be beneficial to many corporations across the United States. In addition, White Shark Media Complaints team has outstanding online marketing tactics and proprietary marketing tools, which have been useful to various businesses.  Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

Founded in 2011, the company has received numerous consumer complaints and praises in equal measure. However, the company’s modality of dealing with the complaints has enabled it to operate as a going concern. One of the complaints is that customers’ enquiries were made via phone but they were not getting adequate feedback. To this end, White Shark Media collaborated with Marchex to provide clients with call tracking services. These services were provided free of any charges. Every consumer that signed up had to subscribe to this service.

Some of the clients posited that they were unable to track the performance of Adwords. White Shark media knows that part of client’s success with Adwords is being able to track performances happening on their Adwords account.

According to their Twitter profile, White Shark Media started an in-house process where conversion tracking, Google Analytics and call tracking services were provided free of any charges. Through these services, clients are able to track their results besides optimizing their Adwords campaign in order to get better performances.  Read more:  White Shark Media – Google+

The company received genuine complaints from customers that they did not like Adword campaigns created for them. Towards the end of 2012, the company started a new process for new clients.

A newly created Adwords account is used to ensure that they start from scratch, especially when developing new Adwords campaigns. The entity provides clients with the opportunity of working with their own accounts if they have a campaign that previously performed well.

Most clients posited that they the contact persons assigned to them were not conversant with their needs. This way, White Shark Media jumped into action and ensured that each senior SEM consultant followed customers through the entire process of signing up until the penultimate optimization stage. These consultants are not part of the contract, thus they are not in clients’ lifecycle with the company. However, they avail themselves for questions.

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